Welcome to CODEC!  This site is the home of the Consortium for Distance Education from CALI.  CODEC seeks to provide law schools with a forum for the exchange of ideas, practices, and more concerning legal distance education.

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Podcasting in Education
by John Mayer - Tuesday, 25 October 2005, 11:18 PM
Gardner Campbell has an excellent article here called "Somthing in the Air: Podcasting in Education. 

If you would rather listen to this article as a podcast, go .  

He covers a lot go ground - even some that I missed in CALI's whitepaper about ClassCaster.  It's worth a listen or read. 
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Short Survey for Associate Deans
by Elmer Masters - Monday, 25 July 2005, 10:08 AM
If you are the Associate Dean or other administrator with responsibility for developing curriculum at your law school, we have a brief survey about curriculum development that we would appreciate you taking a few minutes to complete. The results from this survey will help CALI better focus the efforts of CODEC. The survey is here.
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Interesting article on student wireless access in the classroom
by John Mayer - Friday, 3 June 2005, 1:49 AM
This is a short and interesting article from a business school instructor on how his students 'taught' him some things about using wireless Internet access within the classroom.   The generation of students in law schools today is way more web-savvy than the instructors teaching- which makes sense.  They grew up with it always available, we are old dogs learning new tricks.  
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The new CODEC website.
by Elmer Masters - Tuesday, 10 May 2005, 9:40 AM

As you may have noticed, we've launched a new version of the CODEC website.  The new site includes the information from the old site and provides the community with a host of new tools for discussing and learning about legal distance education (LDE). 

The new site is powered by Moodle, an open source course/learning management system.  Using Moodle allows us to offer courses about LDE on the ...

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Distance Education Forums Available
by Elmer Masters - Friday, 22 April 2005, 8:20 AM
We've added 2 new forums to CALI Courses as part of the CODEC initiative.  These forums function as a sort of 'classified ads' system for distance education courses in law schools.
  • Distance Education Courses Available
    • post information about distance education courses your school is offering for others to find.
  • Distance Education Courses Wanted
    • post requests  for courses your school would may use if someone was offering it.

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This course id for trying out CALI Author things

Through a sequence of steps this tutorial endeavors to guide participants through the process of preparing a short presentation for online or disk delivery as part of a law course. As it proceeds participants will be encouraged to identify topics in courses they teach, plan, and ultimately produce short presentations on them for potential use with their students. The tutorial introduces the key hardware and software tools and provides basic instruction on using them.  Begin the first part of the course at the Legal Information Institute website.

eLangdell is a new project from CALI to explore the creation of a legal education course material commons (among other things).

This is a 50 state Wiki about the Law of Podcasting the Classroom

This is the wiki for faculty to contribute their experiences about podcasting.