CODEC = COnsortium for Distance Education from CALI

CODEC Strategy Workshop - East
Friday, April 22, 2005
New York Law School
Noon - 6pm

The CODEC Workshop will include demos and presentations on all of the projects described below, but the most important part of the workshops will be discussion around these projects and on other projects that CALI *should* be working one. The workshops are FREE, but you do need to email me if you plan to attend. Snacks and at least one meal will be served.

Some have suggested that CODEC should become more of an accrediting/quality control entity for distance legal education courses. How exactly might this play out? I don’t know, but I would love your input on this and other issues.

This is an informal, idea sharing, brainstorming workshop, but we will post a more structured agenda a little later.

We haven’t had time to setup a formal registration system, but if you plan to attend, PLEASE LET ME KNOW by sending me an email.


1. CODEC Classifieds - We are working on a web-database where schools and instructors can post announcements for DLE (Distance Legal Education) courses they are offering *and* for courses they would *like* to see offered. The system will also invite faculty looking for partners who want to co-teach a DLE course - swapping the “distance” part back and forth or other such arrangements.

2. Over 70 schools have responded to the Videoconferencing Facilities Survey and we are in the process of turning this into a searchable white pages so that if you want to do DLE with another school, you can find staff responsible for videoconferencing activities, review their facilities or find faculty with videoconferencing experience at the school.

3 We have gathered links to law school websites that explain grading policies and are in the process of turning this into a searchable database. Grade policies was identified as an administrative barrier to arranging DLE between law schools.

4. Similarly, we are gathering data about law school academic calendars in hopes of creating a federated calendar for inter-institutional planning of DLE courses.

5. We are in the design phase for the CODEC Course Registration System which is intended to deal with students registering for courses *not* at their home institutions. The idea is to have a generic DLE course registration system that is accessible to participating school registrars so that not everyone has to figure out how to inter-connect with everyone else’s local registration system. There is a lot more planning to do on this and we need some thoughtful input.

6. We are gathering into an archive, all articles written by law faculty about experiences they had teaching DLE courses. There aren’t that many of these articles, and they are scattered around. Our goal is to get them all into one place for convenience.

7. Peter Martin of Cornell has written a rather extensive and in-depth tutorial for law faculty on how to create audio+web presentation DLE course materials. This is currently available at

8. The CODEC website at will soon undergo a re-organization to make it easier to find things and to handle the searchable databases and surveys mentioned earlier.

9. We are working on upgrades to CALI Author and AutoPublish so that faculty can easily create quizzes that they can instantly publish to the CALI website and then, after students have taken the quiz, review student scores. This is not full-blown assessment, but rather, the necessary feedback indicating that students are tracking the material in a DLE course.

10. We are working on a very interesting and innovative service that we call ClassCaster that would allow faculty to record lectures or interviews *without a computer* and post them to their students on the web. This has tremendous DLE possibilities as well as uses in regular law school courses. We have a proof-of-concept up and running and are planning to launch this service in the next several months. We also hope to distribute the software so that law schools can host their own ClassCaster systems.

Below are links for hotel information for UNLV and NYLS. I am extremely grateful to these two schools for hosting these events. Both are CODEC members and both have been very accommodating with my requests.

REMEMBER - send me an email if you planning to attend so that I can have good counts for the caterers.

With Regards,
John Mayer

New York Law School Hotels
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